The Friends of Bear Canyon
A Voice for our Seniors, A boost for our Center!
The Friends of Bear Canyon work closely with the Center Staff to make sure that the needs and concerns of our senior members are understood and addressed. They alert the staff to problems as they arise, they keep an eye out for safety issues, and they promote the Center both inside and outside of Bear Canyon.

In addition to supporting the center, they also raise funds to supply the center with those items which the city is unable to include in the budget. Past purchases have included computers, easels, table tennis table, supplies for the Woodcarving, Pottery, and Quilting programs, Center décor, plants, CD players, the new speaker system, and the list goes on. All of these items are the "extras" which while not necessarily vital in the running of the center, improve our members' enjoyment of the facility tenfold. They are able to purchase these items because of their successful fundraisers like the Restaurant of the Month and the Art Fest.

The Friends of Bear Canyon meet on the second Thursday of each month to discuss the strengths and challenges involved with Bear Canyon Senior Center as well as equipment requests of the various groups which use the center. They are a unique (Bear Canyon is the only center with its own booster club) and invaluable asset to the center, to the city, and to the members who they represent.

            2018 Friends of Bear Canyon Roster
      • Ila McCrea -- President
      • Gary Day -- Vice-President
      • Gail Garza - Treasurer
      • Judith Sanders - Secretary
      • Gloria Borton
      • Jerry and Helen Fox
      • Tom Haroz
      • John Lewis
      • Ron Mansoldo
      • Millie Martinez
      • Dorothy Ortiz
      • Gloria Rios
      • Bill Santistevan
      • Sandy Sealy
      • Nancy Thompson
      • Judy Tyler
      • John Vale
      • George and Irma Wagner